A Day with KIPP Special Educators: Part 3 – High School

At the high school level, we use a variety of approaches to support our at-risk students. We combine SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) with a range of specialized supports and schedules for students who have unique needs.

A Day with KIPP Special Educators: Part 2 – Middle School

In our middle schools, the special education supports and structures are continually evolving so we cater more effectively to our diverse communities and the specific needs of each incoming class. We utilize a robust Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) model paired with individualized supports that we adapt as students transition from 5th to 8th grade.

A Day with KIPP Special Educators: Part 1 – Elementary School

At the elementary school level, our primary model for special education is Integrated Co-teaching (ICT), which means there are two teachers in every classroom. One is a general education teacher and one is a certified special education teacher.

How to Teach Social Justice to a 3rd Grader

At KIPP NYC, we have five guiding principles that support our “commitment to excellence,” and our overall mission of preparing students to go to and through college. One principle is our commitment to social justice, ensuring we continually combat the racism and...