Sade: Getting Back to Normal

I feel great to be back. I was so eager to get back on the court. I like being with my teammates; I like being in school in general. Being a part of a sports team is my motivation to do well. Everything feels normal in a good way.

Mike: Food in the Service of Others

My mission is every single KIPP NYC student will be eating our food. I want to do a teaching kitchen. We could create culinary arts classes. There are amazing opportunities to push more options and choices for our kids through non-traditional, post-secondary routes.

Gregory: Science is a Necessity

Science is something where everyone gets something from it every day. It could be as simple as learning what a hypothesis is. Or learning about how electricity is converted into different forms. It’s important for students to be exposed to science to pinpoint how it’s connected to everyday life.

Lenni, Mariela, and Rosemary: Women Empowering Women

We encourage families to vote. We educate them. We connect them to resources. We share info about candidates and how they are aligned with issues that matter the most to our community. We empower our families. This is one of the things I tell families: if you want to support me, this is something we do. This is civic engagement.