Samara: Leading Her Peers Back into School

Student leaders are there to help and look out for them. That’s our reason. That’s our rule. We chose to be these leaders to be a voice for them if they need help or advice. That’s what we’re there for. We’ve gone through the experiences they might go through.

Michael: Built for this Moment

I think families’ needs are changing and evolving. That’s something that we’ll continue to address. How we assess where families are; how we think about families’ needs have been strengthened.

Meeta: Defining the KIPP Experience

What KIPP is doing that’s unique is that we’re looking at what opportunities we’re providing to students to show SEL skills. It’s not really for us to teach kids these skills; the students already know them and use them. It’s about embedding the opportunities to cultivate them in everyday opportunities in our interactions with students, including our lesson plans.

Tarell: If The Kids Can Be Chill, I Can Do the Same

Socially, kids are playing well with each other particularly with respect to sharing. The cool piece is I realize how resilient kids are. They know COVID is a thing; they are OK wearing a mask. Kids come in and they know the drill.