Learning Centers

The following information is only for families who pre-registered for a Learning Center. The Learning Center is no longer accepting new applicants. If you are interested in a Learning Center, but did not register, we will share information about future openings as they become available.

Learning Center Logistics – Please Review Prior to Orientation

Please review the following important logistics regarding the KIPP NYC Learning Center:

  • Location: KIPP NYC College Prep High School, 201 E. 144th Street, Bronx, NY
  • Learning Center Phone Number: (347) 717-4444
  • Hours of Operation: The KIPP NYC Learning Center will operate during the following days and times:
    • Grades K-8: Monday – Friday (closed on Wednesdays) from 8am – 4pm with staggered arrival/dismissal times.
    • Grades 9-12: Tuesday – Friday (closed on Mondays) from 8:30am – 3:30pm with staggered arrival/dismissal times.
  • Transportation: KIPP NYC will continue to collaborate with the NYC Department of Education to ensure that all eligible students who ride the bus/train have access to a MetroCard and/or busing services, if eligible. If you have transportation concerns please contact our regional operations team (sstoperations@kippnyc.org) for assistance.
  • Uniform Requirements: Students participating in the Learning Center are required to wear any KIPP NYC or college shirt provided to them by their home school and full length pants that contain no holes or rips. If you do not have a KIPP NYC shirt, one will be provided to you.
  • Food: Students who participate in the Learning Center will be provided breakfast, lunch, and a snack daily. All food will likely be served in classrooms, to support social distancing and minimize interaction between groups of students.
  • Technology: All students participating in the KIPP NYC Learning Center will be required to bring their KIPP NYC Chromebook each day.

Safety Updates – Please Review Prior to Orientation

In order to keep the entire Learning Center community safe, please be mindful of these expectations for all families while on campus at a KIPP NYC Learning Center:

  • Daily Screening: Prior to arriving on campus every day parents are required to take the temperature of their child(ren) and answer questions about symptoms and exposure. The questionnaire should be completed each day a student will be coming to campus for any reason; this is critical to our ability to monitor the health of our community. Students with a temperature of 100.4º F or above or show other symptoms may not come to campus.
  • Temperature check: We reserve the right to conduct random spot-checks of students’ temperatures upon arrival. Students with a temperature of 100.4º F or above or who show other symptoms may not come on to campus.
  • Face Masks: Students must wear a face mask at all times while on campus except when eating or during specified mask breaks. Students are expected to know how to properly use and remove a face mask. If students are using fabric masks, the mask must be cleaned regularly. Students who require a medical accommodation for mask wearing should alert the learning center team during orientation. and are require to complete it prior to starting at the BLC.
  • COVID 19 Testing: All students and staff at the Learning Centers are required to consent to our Covid-19 testing program. We are partnered with a laboratory to conduct weekly testing through saliva samples (no nose swabs). Guardians will receive the consent form by email from DocuSign and are required to complete it prior to starting at the Bronx Learning Center.
  • Social Distancing: While on campus, students are expected to maintain a social distance of six feet from faculty/staff and other students, whenever possible, indoors and outdoors. 
  • Proper Hygiene: Students must wash hands frequently (for at least twenty seconds) or use hand sanitizer throughout the day, including before and after meals and after using the restroom. In addition, we will ensure that there is hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues, and other supplies available throughout the buildings. Students are expected to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, or cough or sneeze into their elbow. Students are expected to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Restroom Use: We will limit the number of people in a restroom (including multi-stall restrooms) at a time. In addition, students will be expected to wash or sanitize their hands before AND after using the restroom.
  • Comply With Posted Signage: Students must adhere to all posted signage, including those directing social distancing, use of elevators and common spaces.
  • Students’ Personal Items: Students are expected to limit the number of items brought onto campus each day and are not permitted to share food, supplies and other items with fellow students.