Student Participation in Remote Learning Policy

Student Participation in Remote Learning Policy

Updated August 2020

KIPP NYC will be utilizing Zoom Pro, Canvas, Clever and other online services and educational tools to conduct lessons remotely as a continuation of our educational program. Students will participate virtually in their classes, communicate with classmates, teachers, and other school employees, and receive other support services they ordinarily receive from KIPP NYC, including individual and group meetings with teachers, advisors, and other forms of academic support. Students will have access by using their school-issued email address or other credentials provided by KIPP NYC. Remote learning will take place during the regular school day.

During remote learning the rules and responsibilities of the student are the same as if the student were in person at school. Students are expected to attend scheduled online meetings in a timely manner, prepare in advance for the lesson, and participate in a meaningful and respectful manner. Tests, assignments, and/or other assessments will be included in the evaluation of students’ work. As applies at all times, students are expected to do their own work in compliance with KIPP NYC’s rules related to cheating, plagiarism or other violations of KIPP NYC’s behavioral expectations as outlined in the Student and Family Handbook.  Students are expected to use appropriate display/user names if required to be created for access to the online platforms.

KIPP NYC’s Acceptable Use Agreement and Student and Family Handbook, including but not limited to the policies and procedures related to the Code of Conduct, Bullying and Technology, shall apply to your child’s participation in remote learning. You understand and acknowledge that all of KIPP NYC’s policies and procedures apply to students while participating in remote learning, you will communicate these responsibilities to your child(ren), and you will ensure that your child(ren) complies with all school policies while participating in remote learning.

Remote learning will be conducted both through pre-recorded sessions and through live instruction and interactions using online platforms. Live instruction may be recorded by your child’s teacher for educational purposes and may be shared with others, such as students or employees of KIPP NYC. As a result, your child’s image, likeness, or voice may be recorded while he or she is participating in remote learning via Zoom Pro, Canvas or other online services and educational tools. Direct recording or downloading of the class or other on-line interactions with a student or students by a student or parent/guardian is not permitted.   Please remember that an example of bullying/harassment is the online posting of images (including profile pictures) that are meant to hurt or embarrass others.  If you need a recording of a class, please reach out to the teacher or consult Canvas for the posting.

As part of live instruction in middle and high school (and guided reading in elementary school), your child’s teacher may choose to separate a class into smaller groups to facilitate instruction. Given the current technology capabilities, this means there could be some times in which your child is working with other students in a small group or alone without a teacher on screen. Guided reading, mental health and college counseling will continue during remote learning and will be via one-on-one video conference. These sessions will not be recorded.  In limited circumstances (other than the before mentioned counseling and guided reading), one-on-one video communication may take place with parental involvement or prior Principal approval when a group meeting or e-mail is not sufficient. All video communications will take place during school hours using the online platform(s) provided by KIPP NYC.

In summary,

  • KIPP NYC education will continue via remote learning using Zoom Pro, Canvas, Clever, Nearpod and other online tools.
  • Policies and procedures in the Student and Family Handbook continue to be in effect, including, but not limited to:
    • Expectations for academic honesty and behavior/Code of Conduct,
    • Technology/Acceptable Internet Use, and
    • Bullying and harassment policies.
  • Communications with students will occur during the regular school day, unless otherwise arranged by the teacher.
  • Teachers/Administrators may record classes to facilitate the review of direct instruction for students who are absent or who need reinforcement.  Students/Parents/Guardians may not record or download classes and should go to Canvas for access to any missed classes.
  • Please keep in mind the privacy of our minor students and their families – accordingly, please be mindful of sharing the images of your individual student engaged in remote learning that includes the images of other students.  Should you have any images that you would like to share, please direct them to your Principal.

With any online platform there are privacy considerations and risks.  If interested, please see the privacy policies of KIPP NYC and the various online services and educational tools utilized by KIPP NYC (such as Zoom Pro, Canvas and Clever).  It is important that parents/guardians recognize and accept these considerations as we engage in remote learning. Your child’s participation in remote learning serves as your acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement to the terms and conditions of the program and the obligation to comply with the policies as described in this policy.