FOR 2019-2020

We're opening two new schools in the Bronx in August of 2019. KIPP Elements (Grade K) or KIPP All (Grades 5-6).


The address for both schools for the 2019-2020 school year will be:
2246 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10453


KIPP Elements Primary School

Accepting new enrollment and founding teaching applications for Kindergarten.

Principal: Diamond Graham

“At KIPP Elements Primary School we foster a healthy and positive learning environment where we encourage and guide each other through a process of personal discovery that is both joyful and empowering. We develop confidence in connecting with each other and literature. We analyze and imagine new possibilities with science and mathematics. We advocate, create, and encourage each other as we discover what we are made of. We integrate our lived experiences into our education to actualize our dreams of building a better tomorrow for us all.”

About Diamond Graham: Diamond received her B.S. from Georgetown University. After graduation, she joined Teach For America as an elementary school corps member in New York. During her eight years at KIPP NYC, she was a founding teacher at KIPP Infinity Elementary School as a first grade teacher, fourth grade teacher, and math coach. She also worked as a Dean of Teaching and Learning at KIPP Washington Heights Elementary School and as the Director of Elementary School Mathematics for KIPP NYC. In that latter role, she managed math programing for elementary schools. Additionally, she worked with school leaders and teachers throughout the KIPP national network and other school districts to design and implement high-quality academic programming. Diamond is looking forward to living, learning, and growing in the Bronx as the next KIPP NYC elementary school leader.

KIPP All Middle School

Accepting new enrollment and founding teaching applications for 5th and 6th grade.

Principal: Kate Baughman

“At KIPP All Middle School we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that every single student who walks through our door has the opportunity to experience success as their authentic self. We are committed to using innovative practices to support all learners while maintaining high academic expectations. We recognize the challenge of building a school that intentionally encourages students to take risks, to learn from their make mistakes, and to grow from them; nevertheless, we face the reality of that challenge with determination and optimism.”

About Kate Baughman: Kate is currently the Assistant Principal at KIPP Academy Middle School in the Bronx and has been at the school for the past 11 years. Before becoming an Assistant Principal, she was a Special Education teacher and the Director of Student Support Services. Kate led KIPP NYC’s regional Special Education cohort and ensured that our schools successfully implemented reading curricula to help support struggling readers. Kate started her career in the Bronx in 2005 as a self-contained Special Education teacher through Teach for America. She believes in a strong collaboration between the school and families in order to advocate for the needs of all learners. Kate received her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Studies from Vanderbilt University and her Masters in Special Education from Pace University. When Kate is not at work, you can find her whipping up a meal in her kitchen, taking a spin class at her local studio in Washington Heights, or playing with her dog, Scout, in the park.