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Being a Founder at KIPP NYC Public Schools

Being a founder at KIPP NYC means you’ll get to be part of the first group of staff members to build the foundation of your school. You’ll have the opportunity to set what your school’s culture, identity and practices are as the school grows to full capacity. Check out some of our founding staff members share their experiences across the network below.

Become a Founder

Daryn Weis, KIPP Inquire Elementary School, Founder

“Being a founder at KIPP Inquire has really been a collaborative group effort. I really appreciated the fact that so many of the staff came in with their own knowledge, none of which had actually worked in KIPP yet. [So] we pulled all of our backgrounds and experience and were really brought into the conversation about what’s best for kids, what’s best for families, and what are things that we can implement now that are going to have lasting effects on our school community.” – Daryn Weis, Founding Teacher

Become a Founder

Namib Harris, KIPP Elements Primary School, Founder

“I would recommend teachers to become founders – my impact at a founding school is much different than at a fully grown school for the simple fact that everything is still moving, everything is still new and everything is still growing. At a fully grown school, you have to come in and essentially adjust to what has already been set.” – Namib Harris, Founding Teacher

Danielle Mayo, KIPP Affirm Middle School, Founder

“Being a founding teacher here is really exciting.  It’s a lot of work, obviously, because you do want to build the school on the proper foundation.  But the work is also really rewarding because you are molding a school and also helping a community.” – Danielle Mayo, Founding Teacher

We are now accepting applications for all grades for the 2024-25 school year!


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