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Teach in a place where you’ll never stop learning. Together, our students, schools, families and communities share an ambitious mission to create a future without limits. The only way to realize it is with talented educators like you. Shape the future by joining KIPP NYC today.
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KIPP NYC's Core Values

We seek educators who possess the personal and professional characteristics that align with our Core Values.

We Believe.

We believe in the infinite potential of all people. Our hope, faith, and optimism fuel our daily work and drive us toward achieving a more equitable and just world, starting with our KIPPsters.

All of Us Will Learn.

We know excellent instruction means teaching the whole child and the whole class. We believe student achievement is the product of adult learning and development. Together all KIPP students – big and small – intellectually prepare, practice, teach, and assess in order to maximize our individual and collective potential.

Commitment to Excellence.

We believe excellence is a sustained pursuit, not an endpoint. We own the results we achieve. We assert that excellence is often the 1/12th between good and great. We strive for excellence in all things.

Teach Like Harriett.

KIPP was founded on the inspiration of Harriett Ball, and the understanding that great teaching is fundamental to great schools. Like Harriett, we cultivate joy and love of learning with high expectations for academic work. We believe Math is Life, Reading is Freedom, and Knowledge is Power. We measure our success by student mastery and alumni outcomes.

Team & Family.

We work in schools and communities, not classrooms. We believe team always beats individual. We contribute to and are responsible for group success. Like a family, we act with empathy and support one another to build strong relationships. We never give up on our Team & Family.

Find a Way or Make One.

We persist in the face of challenges and creatively seek solutions. We cultivate critical and divergent thinking in ourselves and others to achieve our goals. We work to achieve transformational outcomes through enduring alliances and a humble commitment to find, learn, and share what is best for students and alumni.

Revolutionary Love.

We believe extraordinary school communities are built from love. The love we have for ourselves, our teammates, and our communities drives the courageous change we need to leave the world better than we found it.

Build a Better Tomorrow.

We know our KIPPsters, past, present, and future, are the leaders of a better tomorrow, so we work to empower, prepare, and embolden them to lead choice-filled lives. We take action to dismantle systems of oppression and construct a society that is defined by equity and restorative justice.

We Remember. We Appreciate.

We remember and appreciate where we have come from in order to know where we are going. We look honestly at our past and present to plan our future. We believe our staff, our families, and our students are our greatest strength.

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2,780 Alumni Supported*

*represents our support of KIPP NYC Middle School Alumni that attend high schools other than KIPP NYC College Prep and KIPP NYC 8th grade completers that have graduated KIPP NYC College Prep or other high schools within the past six years.