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Teach in a place where you’ll never stop learning. Together, our students, schools, families and communities share an ambitious mission to create a future without limits. The only way to realize it is with talented educators like you. Shape the future by joining KIPP NYC today.

Career Benefits

What Sets KIPP NYC Apart

Investment in People

At KIPP NYC, we invest in your career as much as we invest in you as a person. Work-life balance is extremely important to us. We offer Wellness Wednesdays throughout the year, where teachers and students have a half day of school and get to enjoy activities that bring them joy. We also acknowledge our staff members with rewards for their time with us, including: 

  • Longevity Compensation. After three years with KIPP NYC, teachers earn additional compensation in their annual salary. 
  • All of Us Will Learn Award. Staff members have the opportunity to take a class or gain greater knowledge in an area of interest and get reimbursed up to $300, after completing three years at KIPP NYC.
  • We Remember, We Appreciate Sabbatical. After completing 10 continuous years at KIPP NYC, staff are eligible for an eight-week paid sabbatical.

Sustainable Work Hours

As an organization, we are committed to striking a balance between the needs of our students, families, and staff. The feedback we received in focus groups with our school communities compelled us to re-evaluate how to make a school day more sustainable for students and teachers. Thus, we adjusted our schedule so that the school day starts between 7:45-8:00am and ends between 3:15-3:30pm. We will continue to have a longer school year than traditional public schools; however, the shorter day will give students more opportunities to engage in afterschool activities. It will also give staff more time at the end of the day for personal or work time.

Competitive Compensation

KIPP NYC offers pay and benefits that reflect our appreciation for the invaluable role our educators play in lighting paths to opportunity for our students:

  • Generous Paid Time Off. Our staff enjoy 7-9 weeks of PTO depending on the role each calendar year! This includes a full week for the Thanksgiving holiday, winter holidays, and typical school breaks throughout the year.
  • Full Benefits. KIPP NYC provides full-time staff members with generous benefits along with multiple “Team and Family Rewards” based on longevity in the organization, including medical, dental coverage & vision benefits; mental health coverage; 403(b) employee match for eligible employees; gym reimbursement (inclusive of home workouts); and graduate school reimbursement 
  • Competitive Salary:  Our staff are compensated on an equitable salary scale that values experience in the classroom and New York State certification. All certified teachers receive an additional $8,250 yearly on top of their base salary to demonstrate KIPP NYC’s commitment to teachers who invest in honing their craft. To honor our teachers who continue to work diligently with our schools year over year, our compensation also includes a longevity component. For staff who are actively working on their certification, KIPP NYC is proud to offer up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement for graduate programs that lead to teacher or social work certification. For context, please see below comparison of a teacher with three years of lead teaching experience on our salary scale:



Voice & Professional Development

We honor the innate talent and hard-earned skill our teachers bring to KIPP NYC. Our leadership both listens to and advocates for teacher perspectives. We support educators with curriculum by content area and grade level; however, teachers have the freedom to design and tailor lesson plans for their students. Additionally, our school leaders are committed to being responsive to their teachers’ perspectives on individual student needs.  

KIPP NYC prides itself on providing growth opportunities for every staff member. We have established programs like Teacher in Residence (TIR) where we offer two career options that lead to full-time teaching roles and New York State certification. As a TIR, you’ll work with KIPP’s highest performing mentor teachers who consistently observe and provide actionable feedback to develop your teaching practice and nurture a growth mindset. 

We also offer Emerging Leaders, Leaders Fellows, and Principals In Residence Leadership Development Programs to assist staff members in reaching their career aspirations. In these programs, participants develop leadership skills and competencies to continue in a leadership position or progress to the next step in their journey, including preparing to become a school principal.


At KIPP NYC, we are committed to building strategically diverse teams to serve our students, families, and staff. We recognize that we are better together and having both teachers and leaders that reflect our school communities results in better outcomes for students. Our Talent team ensures that there are equitable promotion processes in place for all leadership positions. Additionally, we’ve built out pipelines such as Emerging Leaders, Leader Fellows, and Principal In Residence to ensure that a diverse set of staff have opportunities to grow and succeed. 

On each of our campuses, as well as within our central office staff, we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion training. This comes to life through targeted book studies and affinity group discussions. Our schools actively coach and train on culturally responsive teaching and restorative practices. 

Social-Emotional Learning

At KIPP NYC, we know that social-emotional learning is an important component of every child’s education. To better help us meet the unique needs of each of our students, we employ a tiered approach to Social Work services. This includes weekly Advisory Group and daily grade-level community meetings, targeted affinity groups to help address shared needs, parent support groups, and individually tailored counseling for students.


Testimonials from the KIPP NYC Community

Every single day I’m learning something different. Supporting all students is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s a lot of fun; it’s really nice to be back.

KIPP NYC Alumna and Teacher

I was born and raised in the Bronx just like our students! KIPP staff are connected to our families and community on a personal level. We are committed to maintaining an equitable, predictable, and joyous environment for our community.


I work at KIPP because I have experienced a feeling of an extended family from everyone. The support I receive is nothing like I have experienced before. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity I have here at KIPP.

KIPP NYC Teacher

We have a very robust after school program at our middle schools. I coach and organize the KIPP Cup, a girls and boys basketball tournament against other east coast KIPP regions. I love it because after school and athletics present more opportunities to work with students.

KIPP NYC Teacher

What I love about teaching at KIPP is working with a staff where everyone is on the same page. Everyone has the same mentality and work ethic and motivation and the same vision — work hard for our kids!

KIPP NYC Teacher

I operate from a place of love. Children are with us K-16 and beyond so the partnership between families, teachers, and students are aligned around a mission for students to achieve maximum success.

KIPP NYC Social Worker

At KIPP, we believe that a quality education expands the mind, leans on the heart, and moves the body. Our students will be critical thinkers and the empathetic leaders of tomorrow.

KIPP NYC Principal

We are committed to ensuring not only student success, but also to helping students create their own vision of success. At KIPP, we are shaping future thinkers, advocates, and trailblazers.

KIPP NYC Teacher

We don’t think of SEL as a need only for students. It is a collective experience for students, families, teachers and staff, especially during a time where it has been challenging to be a helper emotionally

KIPP NYC Social Worker

Who doesn’t love math? As a founding teacher, I wanted to continue to impact a community that looks like me, teach a subject, math, that I love, and do this work alongside a team that has shared beliefs and values as I do.

KIPP NYC Principal in Residence

KIPP NYC's Core Values

We seek educators who possess the personal and professional characteristics that align with our Core Values.

Join Our Team

We Believe.

We believe in the infinite potential of all people. Our hope, faith, and optimism fuel our daily work and drive us toward achieving a more equitable and just world, starting with our KIPPsters.

All of Us Will Learn.

We know excellent instruction means teaching the whole child and the whole class. We believe student achievement is the product of adult learning and development. Together all KIPP students – big and small – intellectually prepare, practice, teach, and assess in order to maximize our individual and collective potential.

Commitment to Excellence.

We believe excellence is a sustained pursuit, not an endpoint. We own the results we achieve. We assert that excellence is often the 1/12th between good and great. We strive for excellence in all things.

Teach Like Harriett.

KIPP was founded on the inspiration of Harriett Ball, and the understanding that great teaching is fundamental to great schools. Like Harriett, we cultivate joy and love of learning with high expectations for academic work. We believe Math is Life, Reading is Freedom, and Knowledge is Power. We measure our success by student mastery and alumni outcomes.

Team & Family.

We work in schools and communities, not classrooms. We believe team always beats individual. We contribute to and are responsible for group success. Like a family, we act with empathy and support one another to build strong relationships. We never give up on our Team & Family.

Find a Way or Make One.

We persist in the face of challenges and creatively seek solutions. We cultivate critical and divergent thinking in ourselves and others to achieve our goals. We work to achieve transformational outcomes through enduring alliances and a humble commitment to find, learn, and share what is best for students and alumni.

Revolutionary Love.

We believe extraordinary school communities are built from love. The love we have for ourselves, our teammates, and our communities drives the courageous change we need to leave the world better than we found it.

Build a Better Tomorrow.

We know our KIPPsters, past, present, and future, are the leaders of a better tomorrow, so we work to empower, prepare, and embolden them to lead choice-filled lives. We take action to dismantle systems of oppression and construct a society that is defined by equity and restorative justice.

We Remember. We Appreciate.

We remember and appreciate where we have come from in order to know where we are going. We look honestly at our past and present to plan our future. We believe our staff, our families, and our students are our greatest strength.



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