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Dave Levin’s Advice to our Empire Teaching Fellows

For all the things you need to practice – classroom management, lesson planning, academic feedback – don’t forget there are real children in front of you and you should not need to practice love.

A Veteran Teacher Shares Her Thoughts On Continuous Learning At KIPP NYC

We honor teaching and the immense impact that it will have on the lives of all our children. We are committed to our craft. And in honoring it, we are always working really hard to become better.

First Impressions – New Teachers On What It’s Like To Work At KIPP NYC

Celebrating with Gratitude

For the last three years, we’ve hosted the KIPP NYC Gratitude Celebration. It’s a combination of the Oscars and Nobel Prize Ceremony where we bestow our highest honors upon our most brilliant team members.

Coming Home: KIPP Teacher and KIPP Alumna Dominique Young

The teachers were always there to help me to and through college. That message rang true every single day of my career as a KIPP student, and now I try to show my students I have your back no matter what.

Interview with KIPP co-founder Dave Levin: Teaching the Next Generation

Good teachers know their work isn’t just about helping a kid be a smart 4th or 8th grader; it’s about who that kid is when they’re 25 or 28.