The KIPP NYC Core Value “Team and Family” has been the key to success for thousands of students both academically and social-emotionally. While our KIPPsters are continuously challenged to develop the contents of their character and to learn from each other by working as a team and family, we also ask our big KIPPsters (our teachers) to meet that challenge as well. At their best, our teachers like Sam Routhier are able to use the support of their fellow big KIPPsters to continue improving their craft and leading their classrooms to greatness.

In his AP World History classes at KIPP NYC College Prep, Sam experienced first-hand how reaching out for help, and networking with KIPP colleagues from his school, other KIPP NYC schools, and KIPP schools nationally, could improve the quality of work, as well as his level of joy in the classroom. It all clicked for him when he began providing his handcrafted AP World History resources to KIPP schools across the network and making powerful connections with his extended “team and family.” By sharing one’s passion and hard work with others, he saw it was possible to create a “lasting impact” for students and teachers alike.

Watch Sam speak about Team and Family as part of our KIPP NYC Core Values Talks.