Brandi Womack is only five months into her career at KIPP NYC, but you wouldn’t know it by the three leadership roles she is managing. In this unprecedented year for education, Brandi is serving as the operational leader for our in-person learning center at KIPP NYC College Prep High School. She is leading operations for the weekly food pantry we offer at our schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, and Washington Heights. Brandi is also doing what she was originally hired for: serving as the Founding Director of Operations at KIPP Beyond Middle School, KIPP’s first intentionally integrated school in the country, which will open in Harlem in August 2021. Wow.

After beginning her career in corporate event planning, Brandi realized that she wanted to “combine a love for logistics and operations with a direct impact on students and families.” In her short time here, Brandi has been particularly impressed by KIPP NYC’s unrelenting focus on “supporting families beyond the classroom so they have the space to help their children learn. There’s something so authentic and genuine about KIPP’s approach,” during this challenging time. Mitigating food and housing insecurity, the reasons for which KIPP created the food pantry and learning center, are “extremely important in this environment. When you pay attention to details, you make it less challenging for a family in need.” Brandi perfectly captures KIPP’s approach: “we truly believe that you must reach every child. We’re not good until we’ve reached 100% of our student body.”

With planning for the 2021-22 school year in high gear, Brandi is eager to open the doors to KIPP Beyond. According to Brandi, the school’s “vision makes sense; we are better together. I’m beyond excited to be part of something so unique. KIPP Beyond can be a model for many schools to come.”

Brandi is planning to get some well-deserved rest over the holidays. As she said with a big smile on her face, we’ll be “working as many hours as possible to achieve excellence in all areas. Students come first.”