As KIPP NYC staffers, we show up and give 110% to our KIPPsters and each other every single day. Whether working individually in our classrooms or as part of a team collaborating across schools and subjects, we live our mission. We know what it takes to do this work, and our goal is to make sure our KIPP NYC team and family members know how much they are appreciated. For the last three years, we’ve hosted the KIPP NYC Gratitude Celebration. It’s a combination of the Oscars and Nobel Prize Ceremony. We dress up, walk the red carpet, and at the end of the night we bestow our highest honors upon our most brilliant team members. It’s always a great party, and most importantly, our team leaves feeling the deep appreciation we have for them and their dedication to our KIPPsters. The awards are given to those teachers who exemplify core KIPP values.

The awards are: Grit, awarded to the teacher who never gives up and encourages our kids through their toughest times as well; Zest, for that staffer who teaches with an infectious joy that delights and inspires students and staff; Innovation, for the teacher finding new and exciting ways to reach our kids; Team & Family, this award honors a group of teachers working together to really make a difference. And finally we have an award simply called “And,” which recognizes that teacher who goes above and beyond. They teach their class and they coach, or they organize a fundraiser, or tutor on weekends.

In addition to teacher excellence, we celebrate our team members who have been with KIPP NYC for 5, 10, 15 or more years. We want our best teachers to stay with us! We believe that encouraging and demonstrating a deep culture of gratitude in our schools and across KIPP NYC creates that space where teachers want to stay to improve their own practice as they improve the lives of their students.