Who was Archimedes? Our KIPP third graders would tell you that Archimedes was a Greek physicist who explored simple machines and their impact on civilization. Carlos Blanco, science teacher at KIPP Infinity Elementary, ensures his students build connections between the real world they see every day and the simple machines they learn about in his classroom.

Mr. Blanco took some time to talk with us about KIPP NYC elementary school science.

KIPP Infinity Elementary School third graders worked in teams to explore one of six simple machines. They took notes on their observations, hypothesized the name of the simple machine, and gave an example of where they have seen the machine outside of school.

What does science instruction at KIPP NYC elementary schools look like?

Blanco: On the elementary level, science at KIPP is definitely growing… This year, several KIPP schools have dedicated science teachers who are working collaboratively to build a curriculum that is hands-on and exciting!

What is your favorite part of working at KIPP NYC?

Blanco: My favorite part about teaching at KIPP Infinity Elementary School is our community. The students are encouraged to build relationships with everyone—their teachers and friends, and also security team, and lunch servers. It is generally a happy place to be. I love that I get to teach science too. I’m spending my days teaching kids something that I really love to think about.

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