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KIPP Academy Middle School

As the first KIPP NYC school and the second KIPP school in the nation, KIPP Academy helped define KIPP’s mission. Since 1995, we’ve dedicated ourselves to excellence, supporting our students to develop the strengths needed for success in college and career. For years, we’ve been one of the strongest performing middle schools in the Bronx, proving to the students and the community that demographics are not destiny. Many KIPP Academy alumni are now well into their professional careers and return to advise KIPP students, and also to work as educators at their former school.

KIPP Academy students learn to play and read music, which helps build academic and personal skills. The KIPP Academy String and Rhythm Orchestra has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Madison Square Garden, and Mayor Bloomberg’s inauguration, among other venues with musicians such as Alicia Keys, Wynton Marsalis, Roger Waters, John Legend, and John Mayer.

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  • The Coordinator for Dignity for All Students Act is your School Social Worker.
  • How can I report child abuse or mistreatment?

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We are now accepting applications for all grades for the 2024-25 school year!


2,780 Alumni Supported*

*represents our support of KIPP NYC Middle School Alumni that attend high schools other than KIPP NYC College Prep and KIPP NYC 8th grade completers that have graduated KIPP NYC College Prep or other high schools within the past six years.