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KIPP Affirm Middle School

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6-7 (growing to 6-8)


Dominique Mejia


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501 Gerard Ave 4th Floor, The Bronx, NY 10451

*Moving to 2720 Jerome Avenue Bronx, NY 10468 beginning ’23-’24 school year

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KIPP Affirm Middle School

At KIPP Affirm, our students, staff, families, and community members work collaboratively to create a learning environment in which students’ identities, cultures, and community are explored, celebrated, and affirmed. Through consistency, authenticity, and always with love, we uplift our students by providing the knowledge and tools needed to develop strength, power, and pride in themselves and in their education. With this, our students have the freedom to live choice-filled and fulfilling lives, becoming changemakers and leaders of their community.


KIPP Affirm Middle School

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Our academic programming is based on 25+ years of proven results in KIPP NYC middle schools, and includes a hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum empowering students to analyze and approach problems like scientists and engineers. In ELA, students read, analyze, and write based on high-quality diverse texts. We offer a rigorous, college preparatory math curriculum. In social studies, students explore their own identities, communities, and cultures, as well as participate in discourse, writing, and debate on topics like US history and current events. We offer small group reading and math instruction at each student’s instructional level multiple times a week in addition to Math and ELA class. KIPP Affirm also offers differentiated instruction in the least restrictive environment by certified learning specialists, including ICT, SETSS and all available mandated services as indicated on a student’s IEP.


The electives block occurs three times per week during the school day and has included activities such as Chess Club, Flag Football, Girls Inc., Playground Opera, Robotics, and Step. In addition, students have dedicated time to engage in powerful individual, relationship-building, and community-building experiences, which emphasize self-reflection, identity development, and character growth. In Affirmation Circles, students gather in groups of 10-15 to collectively reflect on their experiences. During Whole School Meeting, we gather to explore, affirm, and celebrate our highs, lows and everything in between including birthday celebrations, current events, upcoming school events, school goals and priorities, and more. Also, students and staff at each grade level come together weekly to bond and celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of each other.

At KIPP Affirm, the Affirm Family Collaborative (AFC) is a partnership between our staff, families, and community that uplifts every voice and story in our community to ensure input and collaboration among all stakeholders, and to foster humanity, grounding, and connectedness. The AFC meets monthly to discuss school updates, listen to and implement feedback received from families, plan fun activities and events, and coordinate community collaboration projects.

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