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KIPP STAR College Prep Middle School

KIPP STAR students participate in a broad academic and cultural program that sets them on a path to success to and through college and career. In addition to rigorous classroom instruction, we offer athletics, African dance, and Afro-Caribbean drumming electives that spark new interests, develop new skills, and bring pride to the school and joy to the classroom. Our approach builds the strengths that students need to be successful in college and in their lives beyond the classroom.

We leverage Harlem’s profound history and culture to teach current events, civil rights, the arts, and more. Personal development is at the heart of all that we do. We offer advisory programs that give students a supportive space to work out academic and personal issues with peers and school leaders. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of advisory programs, including a daily small-group community meeting, restorative circles, and our mentoring program. Additionally, KIPP STAR builds positive connections with the Harlem community through student, staff, and parent participation in local volunteer activities.

A Day in the Life

At KIPP STAR, each day is a vibrant mix of rigorous academics and diverse extracurricular activities. The school day begins with focused classroom instruction, laying the foundation for academic excellence. Beyond core subjects, students engage in a variety of ‘Specials’ that enrich their learning experience. These include Music, Theater, Visual Arts, STEP, P.E.and more! This diverse curriculum sparks creativity, fosters a love for the arts, and provides students with a well-rounded education.

Special Programs

KIPP STAR goes above and beyond traditional education by offering special programs that extend beyond the regular school hours. The After School with DYCD (Department of Youth and Community Development) provides a dynamic environment where students have the opportunity to explore interests ranging from robotics and photography to chess, crocheting, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Martial Arts, Haircare, event planning and Financial Literacy. In addition, in January 2024 we will be adding dance and gaming. These programs not only enhance their academic skills but also encourage the development of new talents and hobbies. The commitment to a balanced and engaging day reflects KIPP STAR’s dedication to nurturing the overall growth and potential of each student. 


In addition to after school activities, KIPP STAR prioritizes the health and nutrition of its students through the KIPP Eats Well program. This initiative ensures that students have access to nutritious meals, fostering a positive and healthy learning environment. By combining afterschool engagement with a focus on overall well-being, KIPP STAR strives to create a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond the classroom walls.


Lastly, we believe in restorative practices for conflict resolution. Our Justice League is a peer-led resolution group of student leaders who are trained in the skills of crisis management, restorative practices and de-escalation strategies. Students in the league actively work to ensure students feel safe and heard.

Family Partnerships

At KIPP STAR, the involvement of families is highly valued, and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) serves as a cornerstone for fostering strong family-school partnerships. The school operates with an open-door policy, allowing families to actively participate in their child’s education. Parents can visit the school to observe and shadow their student during class, gaining insight into their academic journey.
The PTA, led by dedicated families and staff members, provides a platform for parents to actively contribute to the school community. Parents can participate in various roles, including volunteering as chaperones for trips, actively engaging in decision-making processes, and supporting school events. This collaborative approach ensures that families are integral partners in the educational experience, creating a supportive and inclusive community.

Parent Resources

2023 – 2024 Student & Family Handbook (English)

2023 – 2024 Student & Family Handbook (Spanish)


Testimonials from Our School Communities

We’re fortunate to be a part of such an amazing institution. KIPP is an extension of the love, hope, faith, and optimism I have for the future of my children. KIPP empowers and supports my children allowing them to graduate “whole” young adults.


I enjoy every second I am able to stand in front of each and every one of my students and share my love of learning with them. Collaborating and working with teachers in the school brings me lots of joy!


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