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KIPP Washington Heights Elementary School

KIPP Washington Heights Elementary is a community where every member is supported to be curious, make choices, achieve at high levels, and is guided to pursue his or her own learning and life journey with confidence and empathy. We build community by cultivating relationships with and among students, and by affirming their diverse identities. We facilitate learning experiences where students identify and analyze challenges, develop their own solutions and opinions, and embrace differing ideas and perspectives. As educators, by engaging in regular self and communal reflection of our teaching practices, we embrace the growth mindset and joy of learning we wish for our students. Ultimately, students will achieve at high levels, and be prepared to succeed in, contribute to, and impact their community and the world, as they move toward, through, and beyond college.

A Day in the Life

A typical day at KIPP Washington Heights Elementary begins with a morning community meeting in the classroom. This time is focused on relationship and community building. After the morning meeting, students spend time in targeted instruction that focuses on growing students’ individualized reading skills. Throughout the course of the day, students engage in math, writing, and reading lessons. They also have recess each day, as well as one to two enrichment classes, including science, art, theater, or fitness

Building our Community

Our students, staff, and families are all essential members of our community. We have many family events, including monthly Coffee & Conversations, Saturday School events where families learn how to support their children at home in different subjects (and join fun extracurriculars!), and annual events. Our families also have the opportunity to attend advocacy training, as well as join in rallies and marches. Our students are true trailblazers in their community. In addition to participating in community service and outreach projects, our students capitalize on the opportunities around them to further their learning. We do this through field trips to places that extend their learning, through hands-on centers-based learning, and through interactive projects like robotics.

Supporting All Learners

KIPP Washington Heights Elementary is proud to support a diverse population of students with different experiences and ability levels. Students with exceptionalities are welcome in our school, and they’ll find instruction and opportunities tailored to meet their needs. All students receive data-informed intervention and extension activities on their target skills throughout the day. Students with Individual Education Plans can benefit from a wide range of services, including Integrated Co-Teaching, Special Education Teacher Support Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Counseling, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Our English Language Learners also have the opportunity for targeted direct ESL instruction in addition to immersive English-language and literacy lessons. We are proud to embody the KIPP value of All of Us Will Learn.

Testimonials from Our School Communities

I see so much effort in the way KIPP encourages the kids to be better and be independent. The love and dedication given every day is immeasurable. It’s more than a teacher-student relationship; It feels more like family. They really care about the success of my kids.


I operate from a place of love. Children are with us K-16 and beyond so the partnership between families, teachers, and students are aligned around a mission for students to achieve maximum success.

KIPP NYC Social Worker

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