A Day in the Life at KIPPNYC

Check out these video tours of three of our schools - KIPP STAR Harlem College Prep Elementary School, KIPP AMP Middle School, and KIPP College Prep High School.

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KIPP STAR Harlem College Prep Elementary School

Spend the morning with us at KIPP STAR Harlem College Prep Elementary School. Located in West Harlem and serving students in grades K-4, KIPP STAR Elementary represents the indomitable spirit of Harlem, combined with the heart of love and learning of KIPP NYC. Our teachers and leaders there take very seriously the responsibility and privilege of educating our network’s youngest learners and cultivating in them the spark of curiosity and passion for knowledge that will guide them throughout their educational journey with KIPP NYC. We can’t wait for you to enjoy this brief tour of a day in their lives!

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KIPP AMP Brooklyn, Middle School

In this video we visit  KIPP AMP Middle School. Located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn and serving students in grades 5-8, KIPP AMP Middle School is the home of award-winning dance and music programs, as well as college preparatory academics. It takes a special team to educate and support young people during the middle school years, as they form their sense of self and begin to hone in on their personal passion areas. As you will see in the video, every single adult working at KIPP AMP Middle School is one of those special people.

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KIPP College Prep High School, The Bronx

In this last video, we visit KIPP NYC College Prep High School. Located in the South Bronx and serving students in grades 9-12, KIPP NYC College Prep High School is the final stop on a KIPP student’s journey before they head off into the world toward their postsecondary pursuits.

Every day at KIPP NYC College Prep High School and all across KIPP NYC, our students, teachers and leaders are rising to meet enormous challenges on their path to a fulfilling life.  At KIPP NYC College Prep High School, we see each student as an individual, matching what sparks their curiosity with what and how we teach. We challenge their minds while nurturing their joy of learning. We prepare every student for college and celebrate all paths to a fulfilling life. We join together with families and communities, partnering to pursue the more just world we all want to see. Every day, College Prep students and alumni deploy their smarts and heart to break through any barrier that dares stand between them and the future they want. Together, they are lighting ever-wider paths to opportunity and change.

Check out the highlights of their day here!


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2,780 Alumni Supported*

*represents our support of KIPP NYC Middle School Alumni that attend high schools other than KIPP NYC College Prep and KIPP NYC 8th grade completers that have graduated KIPP NYC College Prep or other high schools within the past six years.