Voices - KIPP NYC

Marquetta: A Passion for Education

After eight years as a KIPP NYC student and four years at Lycoming College, Marquetta Felder is returning to the classroom as a History Teacher at The Storm King School in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

Carla: College Bound

One of the greatest things about KIPP is that you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting classes. If you have an interest in a specific field, you’re able to try it out and get into it.

Datone: Career Ready

Datone, who is from Washington Heights, has worked closely with his advisor to find a program in which to enroll after graduation that aligns with his interest in pursuing a career in construction.

Diana: An Auspicious Start To This Alum’s Teaching Career

Every single day I’m learning something different. Supporting all students is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s a lot of fun; it’s really nice to be back.

Orlando: Culinary Arts At His Alma Mater

I’m in a program where I’m learning to harness my skills and be better at what I do. My end goal is to get into culinary school and do that route, but for now this is a great first step.

Princess: Operating A School With Love

Being a School Operations Manager means building relationships with the families, the community, and the staff. And I truly enjoy being able to call families with the exciting news of them being part of our school.

Laura: A Special Education Like No Other

One of the things that I love about our team is that we aren’t just focused on teaching; if you’re somebody who loves equipping students with the skills to advocate for themselves, then this is the place for you.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

In the measure of today’s standards, we recognize that building a better tomorrow truly only happens if we advocate more urgently...in short, what can we do today?

Manasi: A Smooth Transition to Founding Teacher

Being part of a founding school has been a really great experience. I would describe it as magical because of the connections that we’ve been able to create with families and staff.

Christopher: Health and Wellness in the Bronx

Health and wellness is very important because it focuses on the social and emotional well-being of a child. KIPP has supported me around my health and wellness curriculum by providing me the tools and the space where we work out every day.

We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year!